Best Laptop Accessories In 2022

Laptop Accessories
Laptop Accessories
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In best laptop accessories in 2022 might look counterintuitive, but the need for accessories and peripherals has only increased as laptops have become more advanced. Modern notebooks have to be slim and lightweight with super-thin display bezels. Unfortunately, these physical requirements have led to some inherent limitations.

Limited ports, poor speakers, terrible webcams, and shallow keyboards are a few of the problems we frequently encounter with laptops. Fortunately, almost every inadequacy can be overcome with the correct accessory.

Whether you are looking to enhance productivity, make content consumption further immersive, or create the perfect home office for remote work, aka work from home, choosing the perfect accessory is the solution.

If you have just bought a brand new laptop or are looking for means to get the most out of the one you already have, here are some products you’d want to consider investing in.


USB Hubs and Docking Stations

What better accessory to purchase than the one that lets you use more accessories? USB hubs and docks are necessary for anyone with a portable laptop with an insufficient selection of ports, like the MacBook Air, XPS 13, and others of that kind.

It might feel obvious to augment your new laptop with a USB hub or dock, but you must purchase the right one. Really, think about the way you use your laptop before you begin shopping.

Do you connect it to your TV? Then, add HDMI to the list. How many peripherals, headsets, mice, or keyboards need a USB-A? If you have a mirrorless camera or backup photos onto expandable phone storage, make sure your hub comes with an SD card slot. Make a list of all the Input/Output you will need, and then buy the smallest and most cost-effective hub you can find.

There are a few more significant things to consider. First, does your laptop come with a USB-A or USB-C port? If your device has only one USB-C port used for charging, you might consider connecting to a USB-A hub or getting a USB-C dock.

The difference between a hub and a docking station is that the former relies on your laptop to run additional devices while a dock connects to an outlet and directs power to your laptop while also accommodating several ports. Docks, which are weightier and pricier, can turn your laptop into a desktop replacement, while hubs are excellent for travel.

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A Laptop Bag

It’s been precisely said that safety comes first, and hence, a laptop bag grabs the first spot on this list. You cannot carry your notebook to your work or anywhere for that matter without a bag or a case. It is highly risky and can ruin the hard-earned money you have spent on your laptop.

Imagine carrying a laptop minus a bag, and it suddenly starts to rain. Unthinkable, right? A laptop bag and laptop cover are must-have accessories for safe computing and safeguarding your notebook against impacts, drops, scratches, and water. This simple and useful accessory is the most important one you must invest in.

You will find laptop bags in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most preferred ones come in the form of a normal shoulder bag/backpack. If you are a working professional and have to carry your laptop to all your meetings, you can even try a little more formal and professional-looking bags.

Whatever kind of laptop bags you choose, just make sure they offer the necessary padding and sufficient protection for your notebook or laptop. It is better to buy a laptop bag of a similar brand as your laptop as they offer bags specially designed as per the specifications of your laptop.

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A Webcam with a Video Light

Add a webcam with a well-suited microphone with both Mac and PC to improve your video chats. It can offer 1080p HD resolution with a 90-degree wide-angle viewing, and the camera spontaneously adjusts for color and brightness so that you will get a great picture even if your workspace has dim lighting.

In addition, the built-in stereo microphone captures the sound well and comes with noise cancellation to cutting down on sound clutter.
The camera fastens to your laptop easily, and it features a 360-degree adjustable tripod, and there is also a privacy shutter so you can conceal the camera lens when it is not in use.

The best part is that the camera connects via USB and needs no drivers, so plugin and start chatting and recording.

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Cleaning Supplies

Laptops can get filthy if you’re not careful. Cosmetics aside, a laptop left dirty for too long can act up. The grime that seeps into the keyboard can make it quite difficult to type, and if dirt and dust build-up underneath, your laptop can possibly overheat. It is vital to keep your laptop neat and clean to warrant long life and optimum performance, and this is why you must consider spending on cleaning kits.

Having a container of compressed air, cotton swabs, a microfiber cloth, and some dish soap (diluted with water) is great, but now there are purpose-built devices for cleaning your laptop. One of them is a mini vacuum for the laptop keyboard that pulls in crumbs and other filth that sneaks its way into those cracks between all the small squares. You could also use an Air Blaster.

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Most laptop speakers are alright for casual solo listening, but music lovers should really invest in a good set of headphones. Wireless earbuds are becoming increasingly popular, but nothing beats those over-ear headphones, which are more comfortable to wear throughout a workday.

Therefore, we suggest spending a good amount of money on a pair of good quality Stereo Headsets. Headsets let you enjoy your movie-watching experience or take skype calls without anyone disturbing you and are extremely useful while traveling. With the launch of a universal 3.5mm jack, you can also use those headsets with your smartphones.

It is definitely the most versatile accessory, making it a must-have for all tech enthusiasts and for anyone who prefers to stay lost in their world in crowded spaces.

JBL, Skull Candy, Logitech, etc., are some of the brands that can offer you amazing sound at affordable prices. Also, make sure you keep these headsets in a safe place where they won’t fall and get damaged or the wires won’t tear. But, if you are going for the Bluetooth headsets, then nothing better than that! You can have your meetings done in comfort and peace.

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Bluetooth External Speakers

This is the perfect laptop accessory for all party freaks who like loud music with a brilliant base. Most laptops are infamous for their terrible speaker quality, and that is what makes external Bluetooth speakers a must-have, i.e. if you are a music fan.

The wireless speakers can be simply connected to your system through Bluetooth, and then you can start drumming your feet to the tunes of your favorite music. These speakers also provide a far better media and movie-watching experience than your laptop speakers can ever offer.

Headsets are also a great option, but you cannot enjoy music with other people via headsets, and that’s what makes Bluetooth speakers a really cool accessory to have. Few of the best portable speakers you can buy are offered by Bose, JBL, and Beats Audio. So, go ahead and get those cool speakers and let everyone have a slice of fun. Also, don’t forget to get your warranty card to ensure authenticity and longevity.

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Laptop webcams receive all the bashing they deserve, but you should also take a second to dunk on laptop microphones because they are equally bad. You perhaps work with someone who uses their laptop speakers throughout the video calls, and you know the person who constantly sounds crackly and distant. You can definitely do better than that.

A modest $40 microphone like the Blue Snowball can make you sound clear and crisp on video calls with colleagues or family. You can even use it for podcasts or streaming, although you might have to upgrade to the Blue Yeti for professional recording.

It is a simple-to-use, plug-and-play USB mic that works for Windows and Mac. More importantly, it can make your voice sound crystal clear while reducing unwelcome background sounds.

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Adjustable Laptop Stand

You have to look at your laptop screen for eight hours straight as it is, so don’t also strain your neck doing it. Adjustable laptop stands allow you to throw out your stack of books for something more convenient and elegant. The best of them increase your laptop screen to be closer to eye level so that you can maintain good posture.

A good one should allow you to adjust the height of the laptop from 2 inches to 21 inches and even comes with an adjustable joint to tilt the device towards you. Also, a cut-out on the aluminum tray stops your laptop’s vents from being concealed.

Another alternative to buying a standing desk is a laptop desk riser, which is basically an elevated, adjustable platform for your notebook. This way, you can elevate the laptop to eye level or go for an even healthier option and convert your normal desk into the standing one.

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Cooling Pads

Let us preface this by saying that not everyone requires a cooling pad. In fact, a minority of laptop owners must use this accessory. However, a cooling fan can prevent their laptop from overheating for those people who play a lot of video games or run intensive programs for hours on end.

Without a cooling pad, you risk thermal throttling or when your laptop intentionally slows down to use lesser energy and put your notebook’s components at risk.

But, the thing is, these things are not pretty. They are large and come with RGB lighting, and they take up plenty of desk space. But, despite those annoyances, the $35 or so you will spend on a good cooling pad is worth the comfort of knowing your laptop is no longer at risk of overheating.

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Backpack and Sleeve

It goes without saying how important it is to buy a laptop bag or backpack and protect your device in a sleeve when you are carrying it around. But this laptop accessories list is incomplete without recommending a backpack that comes with a laptop sleeve.

More like clothes shopping, this one is subjective as there are endless options in various colors and styles, and honestly, just go with the one that speaks to you, provided it has a padded laptop slot! There are plenty of brands like dell, hp, and other non-laptop brands that offer excellent backpacks.

When it comes to laptop sleeves, you want something that will fit your laptop snugly, so make sure to buy one that’s made for your laptop’s specific screen size and read reviews to get a better idea of the fit. Of course, make sure they are sufficiently padded but not bulky, and it doesn’t hurt to have an outside pocket or two for storing USB hubs and such.

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In a Nutshell

With the immense growth in technology and the number of time people spend in front of their laptops, companies in the industry have begun paying attention to the look and feel of these devices. To improve your experience, most of the manufacturers have designed ample laptop accessories keeping your needs in mind.

Now, when you go on Google or Amazon, you will find thousands of products that are meant to complement your laptop and increase its productivity ad functionality.

A lot of these laptop accessories are wonderful for improving daily habits as well. Whether you are spending all day creating masterpieces on your graphic designing laptop or gaming till the early morning without proper wrist support, these laptop accessories’ list will help you improve your environment.

Please also make sure every product you purchase is compatible before buying, that you are getting value for every penny you spend, and that your comfortability and efficiency will not be mired. So, go ahead and get yourself these coolest gadgets for laptops!