Best Laptop for Microsoft Office in 2022

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The best laptop for Microsoft office, be it academic work or professional work if there is one tool that you cannot manage without it is undoubtedly MS Office. Not just the applications that you can’t do without, even the telecommunications application Skype come in handy not only for voice or video calling your contacts but also for file transfer, messaging, and much more.

In Microsoft Office tools, Excel, Word, Paint, and Microsoft Outlook are a few important applications that help in careers, be it professional or even academics. 

Although there are alternatives to Microsoft Office like Google Workspace or Apple Office Suit, nothing comes close to Microsoft office in being user-friendly. Other office suits take time in getting used to, and do not have certain shortcuts and functionalities that make Microsoft office the best family of client software ever developed!

Now that we have established how handy Microsoft Office Tools are, it is important to find good laptops that you can use MS Office in. When it comes to laptops, it is important to take under consideration a lot of other features and factors like – the battery power of the device, the storage capacity – RAM, processor, and the screen monitor size in inches.

Every factor equally contributes to deciding the device that will work the best for you. You might also have to take into account how flexible the device is in letting you install the MS Office suite. 

Basic Buying Guide for Best Laptop for Microsoft Office

Storage – Why is it important to consider the storage or RAM capacity of the laptop? Because it is one of the important factors that can result in the best or worst experiences when it comes to working on a laptop.

MS Office tools work perfectly well in laptops with 4 GB RAM capacity. However, if you are always doing something else on your laptop like photo editing, or video editing, it is better to go for a RAM capacity of 8 GB.

Processor – If it is just a few basic MS Office tools, a basic processor that is 1.6 GHz is all you need to look at. However, if you are into video conferencing with colleagues, or have to attend meetings on Skype, a 2 GHz processor (or something similar) is what you should be aiming at.

Screen Resolution / Display – The inches of the screen do not matter as long as you have a resolution of 1280 X 768 pixels. However, go for the HD display, for the overall best user experience.

Battery Life – your usage should be the indicator when it comes to choosing battery life. If you are looking at long working hours, look for laptops that charge fast, and have decent battery life for up to 6 hours at the least.

While you look at the battery life, you also need to take into account how portable your laptop is, so look out for laptops that are not very heavy!

Here is the list of Laptops that are best suited, in fact, ideal if you are a pro MS Office user and are not too inclined to choose any other Office software –

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Firstly, the best thing for MS Office lovers in this laptop? It is a fact that the device comes pre-installed with MS Office Tools. If you are a multitasker and can’t be seen without a few MS Office applications running at the same time, then this Ideapad 3 from Lenovo is your best bet. For running Word, Excel and even checking mails on Outlook, all at the same time, this is the device you need to look at!

The tech specifications are no less impressive – It comes with a 10th generation Intel core processor. Not just that, it also comes with decent 6 GB RAM with Intel ultra high definition Graphics that totally takes the performance of this laptop to a level that is smooth! With a 15.6-inch High Definition display, the laptop also comes with 1366 x 768 pixels providing picture quality that is no less than awesome – in simple words, crystal clear.

Another advantage is how lightweight the device is. Perfect to be carried from one desk to another, and easily portable to work or university. The device also comes with decent battery life! With upgradeable RAM, this laptop is the best you can find if the price range suits your wallet! 

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Microsoft Surface 

If you are an MS Office person then it doesn’t come as a surprise if your first choice is a Microsoft device. In fact, it is also an ideal choice. Not simply because it is great for working on Excel or Word, but also because it comes with other prominent features like – the 10th generation Core i5 processor, 8GB memory with 256 GB SSD storage, and with USB ports – A and C 3.1.

Also, it comes with an Instant On feature as well. The device charges super fast and comes with decent battery life.  With a 13.5-inch screen and a display resolution of 2256 x 1506 pixels, it has the astonishingly best display quality. The device also lets you use the Windows Hello face recognition feature.

Great for video calls, crisp display quality is also great for watching movies or consuming other forms of media. The laptop is feather-light, meaning it is easily portable. So, if you have to carry it to the library for assignments, or want to carry it to your boss’s cabin for a discussion or meeting, this device is going to be super easy to carry!

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Dell XPS 

Time and again, Dell has proved how well built and user-friendly its devices are. Not only for MS Office users, but a Dell laptop is also a perfect buy for laptop users having different requirements as well. 8 GB Ram coupled with 10th generation Intel i5 Processor does the job for you in keeping the machine up and running exceedingly smooth! PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD on top of that spec makes it a device that performs really well, exceeding user expectations!

The device also comes with a backlit keyboard so you can type away easily – in your MS Office Word, or an email or an excel that needs to be filled real fast, at all times. When it comes to Dell, you already can be sure that it is for multi-taskers. So you don’t have to be worried about keeping too many windows open and running at the same time, it is not going to slow down the device’s performance in any way. In a very affordable price range that will not bite your pockets, the device is best at supporting multiple hardware too.

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Asus VivoBook 15

How does working on a 15.6-inch display laptop sound? It does sound exciting, right? The device otherwise comes with decent specs too – a 10th generation i3 Core processor along with an 8 GB Ram and Intel graphics. 

If you have to slog for long hours on your device, you are going to love this laptop even more because of its 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. It comes with Windows 10 which is great for all MS Office applications,  and the sleek design makes it a great portable everyday laptop for work or school. With 2 USB ports – Type A and Type C, it is a hassle-free laptop that you can buy in this price range.

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Asus VivoBook 14

Compact with a 14-inch display and lightweight, this laptop is portable and super handy! Great for MS Office related work, this laptop with 10th generation Core i3 Processor also comes with an 8 GB Ram and 1 TB storage.  The specs sure sound impressive, don’t they? Even more so for a smart laptop in this price range!

It comes with an integrated Graphics card, and 128 GB NVME  SSD that’s a perfect value add for any user! The 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution makes the 14-inch display seem even better, and it is a great device for media consumption as well!

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HP Stream 

Not just for work, if you are looking for a device that will be perfect for all your other hobbies – like watching movies, doing a little bit of gaming, or completely working on MS Office tools, it makes it all super easy, effortless is the word we are aiming at. Now, we don’t have to vouch for the quality of an HP Laptop, it is probably one of the best laptops to zero in on if your budget fits and all your other needs are covered!

With a 1TB cloud storage for a year, this laptop also comes with features that are best suited for an everyday laptop. The 14-inch diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit display is perfect for days when you have to work for long hours. With 1366 X 768 pixels of screen resolution, the laptop also has the best display quality.

The Intel Celeron N4000 processor and a storage of 32 GB eMMC and memory of 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM are perfect for running all your applications in a smooth manner.

Apart from all these features, you also get complete access to Microsoft Office for a year, isn’t that the best thing for a user looking at buying a device for MS Office? Also, its battery life lasts for up to 14 hours and 15 minutes, and it can’t get more ideal than this, can it now?

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HP Pavilion 15

Exceptional in performance, and exceeding expectations in terms of design and features, that is an HP laptop for you. Feather light, weighing about 1.41kg, this laptop is super portable – to college or work or even to the library.

With Intel 11th Gen Processor, which is the latest in processors, and with Iris Xe graphics and 16 GB Dual-channel 3200 DDR4 memory, Pavilion is perfect for multitasking, even running several applications at the same time.

The 14% huger touchpad is perfect for the best user experience, particularly so for people who find the space in the touchpad to be cramped. With a Micro Edge bezel design, this device is perfect for photo editing and video editing as well. With a decent battery life that lasts up to 5 hours, the laptop also comes pre-installed with Windows 10 which is exceptionally great for MS Office.

If you’ve been hearing about Alexa a lot, then you would be surprised that this device comes with an in-built Alexa feature, that has been raved about a lot!

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Acer Aspire 5

Among other impressive features, Acer Aspire also comes with a 15.6-inch display with IPS technology. The 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor with 2.4GHz turbo boost technology is perfect to boost the performance of the device, even if you are running several applications at the same time. The device also comes inbuilt with a 256GB NVMe SSD.

Pre-installed with Windows 10 Home, Acer aspire is perfect for users who are looking at buying a device exclusively for using MS Office applications in it. Upgradable up to 20 GB, the  8GB DDR4 RAM is otherwise perfect too.

The Intel Iris Xe graphics card is ideal for users who are looking at playing with photo and video editing as well. The screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels, making the display quality pretty decent.

Battery life of 8.5 hours is something that you get out of well-built laptops. The backlit keyboard is great too, particularly more so when you have to spend long hours typing away or editing.

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A laptop is a device that you will probably use for at least a few years. It is best to do basic research, read reviews, and customer feedback, and then choose a device that will make your work life easier. Whether school or work, MS Office is a family of software that you cannot go without.

While most laptops come pre installed with MS Office, you can also look for devices that are otherwise technically high on function so the overall performance of the device doesn’t disappoint you! Happy shopping!